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Adult plays

All of us wanted to be grown when we were kids, all of us at that time we played pretend be adults, doctors, nurses, aviators  military, etc.
 The children's imagination, flies, it creates situations and it develops a new language of worlds that one day want to reach when they grow. Besides the imagination children use the intelligence and the seriousness to authenticate his / her statute of candidates to careers that one day will want to reach.They are children's plays, I know, but they are a sample of what they want, when they try to imitate what they see in the adults . In the children's plays always governs the serious side of them to want  to do everything right, where everything seems authentic, in spite of the whole innocence that they manifest.
 All this has a name, that does not exist in the children's language and that we, adults, can call common sense, that hardly ever exists when the adults try to play as children.
When the adults try to play as  children, th…

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