domingo, 30 de abril de 2017


Yes, I'm here, 
see I am so close,
in front of you,
On your back, watching your steps ...
Every day I  can see you going to school,
Determined, enthusiastic, owners of the world ...
Of the world that belongs to you,
Of which I seem to be absent,
but is noT true,
I am here right by you.
Watch my hands, which touch your smiles,
reaching your imagination, your future, your happyness.
You know, I was a boy too, I was  the pride
Of others who had been boys before me,
As now you are my pride and my hope
as I was also the hope of my parents, your grand parents ...
But what is hope anyway?
I know which is one is mine, that is divided between doubts and certainties,
So you expect, right?
But if one day I have this hope confirmed in certainties,
I will feel that someone finally knows me,
And you shall know who I am, 
Where I am going, why I do not smile to much
or  I do not talk a lot,
or I do not like injustices,
why I am more to give, than to receive,
why I cry when I get excited,
and  makes me happy a Benfica goal,
Why  I do write my emotions,
and I like my work
Which rarely tires me,
Why I do never raise my voice.
Why I  turn sad because Imiss you.
Why I sing songs from Quim Barreiros,
if I like Zeca Afonso and Trovante so much.
Why do my eyes express
So markedly a love that I am living,
Why I do not like the beach in the hot months
but I feel so good when it rains or thunders.
Why Autumn is my favorite time,
why the blue is my favorite colorI,
but my soccer team is benfica with red jerseys,
why I suffered with the struggle of the people of East Timor,
why I think politicians are generally liars,
Why does poetry seduce me,
why I do not like big parties,
But much more of the warmth of home,
why I love traveling so much,
and I have never visited Paris, if it is a dream of so long,
why I let go of moments of anger,
Because I let the heart command my life, always ...
That is why you are my hope ...
One day I will be relieved to recognize
That someone as you, finally knows me,
And with ease you will know that what I will do tomorrow,
Is   the same as I did yesterday and I am doing today ...
I'll be waiting for you.
Love you 

sábado, 31 de dezembro de 2016

Hi Isabel Maria
Now it's easier to fall asleep. When I close my eyes, it is not just the dreams that make me happy, but the memories of the times we are together in reality. In this special day for you, for me and for all those who really love you, I just want to tell you that it was worth waiting for my steps are safer, now I know where I'm going and I know that my smiles today will be repeated every day. You know Isabel Maria I've always been a happy man as I always told you, because you do exist, but now my happiness is greater because I can finally share my happiness with you, you can hear my voice and I can yours, I can know your desires better, and what you want for the future. All of God's gifts are good because they help us, because they comfort us and give us the strength to continue living, but from all of them you are the one that inspires me when I wake up every morning and feel a strong motivation to fight even more with the cold, to smile, even more, to be more proud of your existence. I want to continue to dream because dreams inspire me for reality, but at the same time, I want to stay awake so that I can live the best of the realities ... you ISABEL MARIA.
Have a great day with all the ones that can share with you all the love and happiness that you deserve.
Happy birthday ...
With love

sábado, 5 de novembro de 2016


Just one word in my silent... no tears,
no remembrances, or selected pains,
no cold mornings or nights with fears,
or tiredness in the end of the days.
No resentments, or spits in my memory,
or retaliation, or fights with no sense,
no more darkness in my history,
or nightmares in my existence.
Just one word in my silent increases,
 this perfect state of my soul... PEACE.

Eduardo Mesquita

terça-feira, 27 de setembro de 2016

Little butterfly

Little butterfly, let the sun enter through your window,
even when the sky is grey,
show your smile, let the wind blow,
keep the rain in your hands on a sunny day...
See, so easy is imagine your wishes,
so nice fly
on a blue sky.
Little butterfly, loose your silence
let it go
visiting the ocean...
will be back with the waves below
sailing on a boat...imagine, you can.
Litle butterfly, look that garden.
so green, so pink, so colorful,
look a little bee landing on a flower
and a cute bird singing to you,
so happy you are and I am  too,
little butterfly you got the power,
you can imagine and the dream comes true

Eduardo Mesquita.

sábado, 16 de janeiro de 2016

The perfect worl, the world, I wish to you.


 Last night I had a dream. A fantastic dream of a trip with you  around the world . We traveled , where life smiled at us as if reality happen.We traveled together, hours and hours around the world. And what we discover? An American in Iraq without being a soldier, an Arab in America without being watched, a child in Africa to enjoy an ice cream, a young man in Portugal with a job waiting, transit controlled on the streets of Lisbon, people in Spain strolling calm on the streets, the people of China in Election Day, the trees in the Amazon to grow in freedom, smiling elderly with the well-deserved rest, courts closed for lack of expedient, organized hospitals with competent people, dismantled weapons factories, one police helping an elderly cross the street, men of all races in joyful fellowship, beautiful gardens in cities, unpolluted environment, former military barracks transformed into schools and saw people smiling, to return to their own homes and to other travel like us, sharing their joy with the pleasure of living in such a world ... this night I had this dream with you by my side. I dreamed of the hope that the world will be anyway and woke up with the hope that this dream might be your reality. You going to do so ... I'm sure your friends also.
 Eduardo Mesquita.

First day of school

First day of school

Hello Isabel MARIA

I hope you've had a good first day of school. I'd like to have been with you, but I have to be here so far from you thinking of you and Gabriel. You'll have a long road ahead but I am sure that you'll have much success. Try to take time to study and to play that the time has come for all. Look upon your back and try to share what you see with the others. Only in this way you will feel good. The secret of happiness is within us but always looking for the others. I know that  may seem a little strange this conversation, but you have to start right now to try to understand that the best way to be in life is always respect the others. This is the basis of the education that I'm sure that you'll take.Say hello to Gabriel and demand simply be nice with all.
I adore you.
Your father.
September 4, 2007.
Eduardo Mesquita.


Saturday, July 18, 2009


To have you in my life so far
My eyes throb a bit, but do not cry
 I have you in me saved like diamonds
As two ruby in my soul live.

So much I want you, my eyes explore
Your days without me, delirious days
Moments to happen, that have not yet been
But  will be one day, as they have been before.

Of your happiness that I feel
I will make a  litany of magics,
Colorful draws,  every day I paint.

You will be in me the most beautiful melodies
The dispel of my sadness I always pretend,
The pride to have you,on this maner every day.

Eduardo Mesquita