domingo, 30 de abril de 2017


Yes, I'm here, 
see I am so close,
in front of you,
On your back, watching your steps ...
Every day I  can see you going to school,
Determined, enthusiastic, owners of the world ...
Of the world that belongs to you,
Of which I seem to be absent,
but is noT true,
I am here right by you.
Watch my hands, which touch your smiles,
reaching your imagination, your future, your happyness.
You know, I was a boy too, I was  the pride
Of others who had been boys before me,
As now you are my pride and my hope
as I was also the hope of my parents, your grand parents ...
But what is hope anyway?
I know which is one is mine, that is divided between doubts and certainties,
So you expect, right?
But if one day I have this hope confirmed in certainties,
I will feel that someone finally knows me,
And you shall know who I am, 
Where I am going, why I do not smile to much
or  I do not talk a lot,
or I do not like injustices,
why I am more to give, than to receive,
why I cry when I get excited,
and  makes me happy a Benfica goal,
Why  I do write my emotions,
and I like my work
Which rarely tires me,
Why I do never raise my voice.
Why I  turn sad because Imiss you.
Why I sing songs from Quim Barreiros,
if I like Zeca Afonso and Trovante so much.
Why do my eyes express
So markedly a love that I am living,
Why I do not like the beach in the hot months
but I feel so good when it rains or thunders.
Why Autumn is my favorite time,
why the blue is my favorite colorI,
but my soccer team is benfica with red jerseys,
why I suffered with the struggle of the people of East Timor,
why I think politicians are generally liars,
Why does poetry seduce me,
why I do not like big parties,
But much more of the warmth of home,
why I love traveling so much,
and I have never visited Paris, if it is a dream of so long,
why I let go of moments of anger,
Because I let the heart command my life, always ...
That is why you are my hope ...
One day I will be relieved to recognize
That someone as you, finally knows me,
And with ease you will know that what I will do tomorrow,
Is   the same as I did yesterday and I am doing today ...
I'll be waiting for you.
Love you