sábado, 16 de janeiro de 2016

The perfect worl, the world, I wish to you.


 Last night I had a dream. A fantastic dream of a trip with you  around the world . We traveled , where life smiled at us as if reality happen.We traveled together, hours and hours around the world. And what we discover? An American in Iraq without being a soldier, an Arab in America without being watched, a child in Africa to enjoy an ice cream, a young man in Portugal with a job waiting, transit controlled on the streets of Lisbon, people in Spain strolling calm on the streets, the people of China in Election Day, the trees in the Amazon to grow in freedom, smiling elderly with the well-deserved rest, courts closed for lack of expedient, organized hospitals with competent people, dismantled weapons factories, one police helping an elderly cross the street, men of all races in joyful fellowship, beautiful gardens in cities, unpolluted environment, former military barracks transformed into schools and saw people smiling, to return to their own homes and to other travel like us, sharing their joy with the pleasure of living in such a world ... this night I had this dream with you by my side. I dreamed of the hope that the world will be anyway and woke up with the hope that this dream might be your reality. You going to do so ... I'm sure your friends also.
 Eduardo Mesquita.

First day of school

First day of school

Hello Isabel MARIA

I hope you've had a good first day of school. I'd like to have been with you, but I have to be here so far from you thinking of you and Gabriel. You'll have a long road ahead but I am sure that you'll have much success. Try to take time to study and to play that the time has come for all. Look upon your back and try to share what you see with the others. Only in this way you will feel good. The secret of happiness is within us but always looking for the others. I know that  may seem a little strange this conversation, but you have to start right now to try to understand that the best way to be in life is always respect the others. This is the basis of the education that I'm sure that you'll take.Say hello to Gabriel and demand simply be nice with all.
I adore you.
Your father.
September 4, 2007.
Eduardo Mesquita.


Saturday, July 18, 2009


To have you in my life so far
My eyes throb a bit, but do not cry
 I have you in me saved like diamonds
As two ruby in my soul live.

So much I want you, my eyes explore
Your days without me, delirious days
Moments to happen, that have not yet been
But  will be one day, as they have been before.

Of your happiness that I feel
I will make a  litany of magics,
Colorful draws,  every day I paint.

You will be in me the most beautiful melodies
The dispel of my sadness I always pretend,
The pride to have you,on this maner every day.

Eduardo Mesquita

New World

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New World

You know, today I want to talk to you seriously
Of the mounth of September which is to come
Because you will get a new life
At the school where you will build an empire.

Will leave the books to be a mystery,
With letters and numbers you'll have to decipher
In so many words to teach you
The be able one a day of  be a minister.

I know you're going to humbly learn
And have many friends who will be important
With them a new world you will know.

And you will see one day, these distant days
And a wisdom will grow with you
And give yourself, to my pride, triumphant moments.

Eduardo Mesquita

To Gabriel on first day of school


On a dreaming lake of golden waters
landed on a water lily a butterfly,
and on a divine apex, its sacred wings,
They inspire numb the soul of a poet.

It is a unique frame that my heart allocated,
where peace and love, hold the hands
and through the banks of embroidered purple
is heard in silence the voice of a prophet.

"In this pure Eden in this happy place,
begotten by God for happiness,
a father will one day find their children.

"An intense beam of light, the lake invades,
on the water lily, I see two children playing,
looking at butterfly flyng in freedon.

To my children, Isabel Maria and Gabriel,
with respect, and love,
Forever your father