sábado, 16 de janeiro de 2016

The perfect worl, the world, I wish to you.


 Last night I had a dream. A fantastic dream of a trip with you  around the world . We traveled , where life smiled at us as if reality happen.We traveled together, hours and hours around the world. And what we discover? An American in Iraq without being a soldier, an Arab in America without being watched, a child in Africa to enjoy an ice cream, a young man in Portugal with a job waiting, transit controlled on the streets of Lisbon, people in Spain strolling calm on the streets, the people of China in Election Day, the trees in the Amazon to grow in freedom, smiling elderly with the well-deserved rest, courts closed for lack of expedient, organized hospitals with competent people, dismantled weapons factories, one police helping an elderly cross the street, men of all races in joyful fellowship, beautiful gardens in cities, unpolluted environment, former military barracks transformed into schools and saw people smiling, to return to their own homes and to other travel like us, sharing their joy with the pleasure of living in such a world ... this night I had this dream with you by my side. I dreamed of the hope that the world will be anyway and woke up with the hope that this dream might be your reality. You going to do so ... I'm sure your friends also.
 Eduardo Mesquita.

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