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First day of school

First day of school

Hello Isabel MARIA

I hope you've had a good first day of school. I'd like to have been with you, but I have to be here so far from you thinking of you and Gabriel. You'll have a long road ahead but I am sure that you'll have much success. Try to take time to study and to play that the time has come for all. Look upon your back and try to share what you see with the others. Only in this way you will feel good. The secret of happiness is within us but always looking for the others. I know that  may seem a little strange this conversation, but you have to start right now to try to understand that the best way to be in life is always respect the others. This is the basis of the education that I'm sure that you'll take.Say hello to Gabriel and demand simply be nice with all.
I adore you.
Your father.
September 4, 2007.
Eduardo Mesquita.

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