Sometimes it's hard for me to believe how time goes by so quickly . I still remember it as if it was yesterday the day I bought you a kite , you should have just six years old and happy you asked me to help you by the kite to fly with our hands together to hold it . Now I see you  on a stage , always very elegant and acting in a divine way . Today was one of those days , you came on the stage with your group but my eyes could only see your movements as if you were the only figure on the stage . I confess that I could not stop being moved . You know these emotions of joy and pride that makes the eyes shed tears without nothing to stop them . The years pass , but within me are always the memories , of the girl that grew in my arms and that despite a certain distance never ceased to live in my heart . These are not just words Isabel Maria , are the feelings that overlap with an unusual past but even so that I'm very proud . I did not have you with me as I wanted for sure ,  but never for a moment I stopped thinking about your existence as if you were always with me . My eyes get emotional whenever I see you performing on stage and that makes me sure that everything was worth even the bad times . I hope you continue to do what you love and that makes you happy . Thank you for making me feel this way forever . 
With  love,
your father .