Unlucky day

On a hot summer day,
when I was a little boy,
I decided to enjoy a different day.
I took my fishing rod
and then I set out on my way
of the river, to go fishing.

It was a beautiful sunny day.
When I went to the river
and I saw many fish swimming.
I put the hook on the rod
and then to the water I threw it
waiting for the fish to bite.

I waited very carefully,
that one of them was to bite
the hook with a worm.
That's when I felt a stretch
and the rod I pulled to see
who had been the daredevil.

From so much strength he does,
because the water does not want to leave
that the rod has bowed.
He tried to detach himself,
to be able to be free
of the hook that caught him.

And it was when the fish already in the air,
That I smiled happily
with the fish hooked on the rod
And with my hand I tried to grab him,
when the fish suddenly,
hit me with the fin.

From the hook he was freed,
gave a somersault in the air
knowing that my hand hurt.
Again in the water dove,
I seem to want to show
that he was the last one who laughed.

Then I returned home
to think about what happened
on that troubled day.
And to the conclusion I figure out,
That the fisherman was not me.
but I was, I yes, the caught

Eduardo Mesquita