Litle bunny

When I was a little one,
my father a story told me,
about a beautiful little bunny,
who one day became scared.

The bunny solved one day,
go get some cabbages in the garden,
because with the hunger he felt,
of a good soup he was needing.

And there it was very rushed,
jumping and smiling at the others,
without forgetting the message,
of how good it is to eat vegetables.

And the cabbages then he reaped
from the great to the litle ones,
because he needed to eat,
foods with many vitamins.

And gladly to the house returned,
ready to make his dinner,
but he found the door locked
and could not to enter.

And the bunny knock the door,
Who 's there, let me in.
Then a voice answered,
-Who are you to annoy me?

I'm the little bunny,
this is my house and I want to go in,
I want to make the soup,
because is time to eat.

And from inside someone answered.
I'm the goat, the giant devil
and now who lives here is me,
If I jump on you , I'll make you on three.

Then the scared bunny,
went to ask for help to  the dog
and after the bunny tell what  has happened
the dog with fear only did ... ao  ao.

Then the bunny found the cat.
and said to him, what is going on.
I'm not going there, only if it was a mouse.
and scared the cat started to growl

Then he found a cow in a meadow eating,
nice clovers and some leaves
and when the bunny told her everything,
the cow was mooing away in fear.

And then, the desperate bunny,
without having someone to help him,
became sadder and desolate
and alone he began crying .

Then an ant passed,
coming from her job,
and with a very friendly voice,
Asked!  what is going on?

The bunny then counted
everything to the ant interested.
And he said, nobody helped me.
and you, so small you can not do anything.

Come on, "said the ant,
I know I can  be light
 but I do not believe the size can
more than courage, to fight

They knocked on the door and the goat answered,
I am the goat the giant devil,
who lives here, now it's me
and if I jump on you I will make you on three.

And I'm the ant Kelly,
and i am not sacared because you are bigger
I'm going to stick your belly,
brake you on four, if need be.

And without the goat noticing
under the door the ant entered
and to the goat gave a big bite,
who cried out with such great pain.

And far away, the goat ran away,
 to never to return to that site,
because the fear that she felt,
was greater than the courage to fight.

So everyone can learn
and come to a conclusion,
that the giant can not win,
the courage of a dwarf decision..

Eduardo Mesquita