In a heavenly way
and with so much cold outside,
snow falls on the pine forest,
where the winter now lives,
announcing Christmas.

And Little Francis through the window
sees people shivering from cold,
thinks how beautiful and beautiful it is,
this time when the river,
stop running and freeze.

But he had to leave ... then
put on gloves and a cap,
and with a basket in his hand,
He headed back up the hill,
hurried and with decision.

And inside the basket he kept,
the moss for the crib do,
and with it at home he imitated
a hill and a river to run,
with silver paper he found.

And on top of the hill, a shepherd,
to keep a great cattle,
and in the river a fisherman ...
And to an illuminated corner,
an angel announcer.

And the Enthusiastic Boy
in a cardboard hut,
put on a  straw berth,
very happy and carefully,
the illuminated Baby Jesus.

Then he looked pleased.
and smiled with joy
And thought a lot in your own way.
How nice that it would  be
if the world were like that..

With a Christmas with many hopes,
that could be celebrated
just for having good memories,
because the most desired Christmas
it is the one of the children.

December 2009

Eduardo Mesquita.