Happy birthday

Hi Isabel Maria

Now it's easier to fall asleep. When I close my eyes, it is not just the dreams that make me happy, but the memories of the times we are together in reality. In this special day for you, for me and for all those who really love you, I just want to tell you that it was worth waiting for ...now my steps are safer, now I know where I'm going and I know that my smiles today will be repeated every day. You know Isabel Maria I've always been a happy man as I always told you, because you do exist, but now my happiness is greater because I can finally share my happiness with you, you can hear my voice and I can yours, I can know your desires better, and what you want for the future. All of God's gifts are good because they help us, because they comfort us and give us the strength to continue living, but from all of them you are the one that inspires me when I wake up every morning and feel a strong motivation to fight even more with the cold, to smile, even more, to be  proud of your existence. I want to continue to dream because dreams inspire me for reality, but at the same time, I want to stay awake so that I can live the best of the realities ... you ISABEL MARIA.
Have a great day with all the ones that can share with you all the love and happiness that you deserve.
Happy birthday ...

With love