Happy 14 birthday

Hi Isabel Maria

It is now fourteen years that you were born. It is now fourteen years that I was the happiest man in the world.
I always thought that a man feels fully realized when plant a tree, write a book and finally have a child. Before you were born, I had planted many trees, mainly pines, and I had already written a book of poems never published, with the title BEFORE THE SUN RISES, and your birth came complete my personal fulfillment. Being a father for the first time was extraordinary. You were born three in the morning of Portugal on 31 December 2001. I remember that  morning after your birth, I walked  smiling and happy, even if alone, on the streets of Bragança.
As then, today I am happy because i have reasons for that. I know you exist, you are doing well and you're happy too.
Today I am happy, because I can remember the times we spent together, when you asked me to feed you, to fall asleep you at night, when you  asked me, still in Portugal, every day to get you in the car to give you a litle ride before I go to work, to go play in the park and you said proudly to other kids, my dad helps me all the time as I need. I remember well that  you never  fall asleep without me beside you,  the best way to make you eat was watching on television DORA THE EXPLORER, you liked a lot running on the park,  your favorite toys were Sleeping Beauty and the Enchanted princess,  your favorite color was pink, you liked a lot of playing computer games and take pictures, that I still have many, you never have fear of cold, you ran to me  when you expected me at the airport after I work three weeks in the north, and finally, your greatest wish was being a ballerina.
 I know you probably do not  remember that, but in fact it is true ... for all that I am today a happy man.
You know, Isabel Maria, although I think, I must be the only father in the world who can not see the children when I want, without a reason for this, nobody know, even you, I am feeling happy. But I asked lots of times to myself, Why I can not see my cute kids when I want?
 You know Isabel Maria I can not have you by me  one hour even in your birthday, but I had and I have you as my daughter, when you were a baby or a litle girl, who never went to sleep or eat without having the father by you ... and I will always have you...my Isabel Maria.

Happy birthday
I love you.

Your father